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How to Self Suck: Guide to Preparation and Positions

Again, self suck is a pretty dangerous adventure, especially if you’re not flexible enough or you rush things. Things can even go south when you take the necessary precautions. Therefore, we advise that you keep your phone nearby in case things go wrong so that you can easily call for help.

How to self suck? | Self-suck techniques and positions

Actually, self-suck is a form of masturbation, well Alfred Kinsey (famed Sexologist) says it is conventional means of masturbation among monkeys, chimps, and other primates. Gary Griffin, the author of the art of autofellatio, says,” According to Alfred Kinsey, only three or four people can suck his own dick out of thousands.

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Guide to practice self sucking: tips to succeed in self-suck

What are the best positions for self-sucking? This first position is the simplest to train to self-suck. First of all, before explaining to you how to train, we will tell you how to do it yourself. Self-fellatio is often practiced sitting or lying on the back. To start, we generally advise to self-suck upside down.

How to Self Suck? How to give yourself a blowjob? - LoveGrabber

Self-sucking does not come naturally to every person. It can take self-control as well as method, yet as you keep at it, you will certainly end up being more adaptable. If in the beginning, you do not succeed, just wank on your own off as well as call it good.

How to Self Suck – suck your own cock autofellatio

Back when I was gung-ho on learning how to self suck, I used to try putting my feet behind my head every day, thinking that was the way to do it. Turns out, that is one of the most difficult positions to self suck. The P-man himself recommends an easier strategy. His recommendation is to sit on the floor with your legs straight out in front of you.

How to Suck Your Own Dick | Tips For Self Suck - My Sex Toy Guide

For starters, suck your own dick requires a lot of bending, among other things, and even though there are certain and blessed men who can suck their cock while standing up or sitting, the easiest and the go-to self-sucking position for most males who does self blow job is lying on their back. 1. Lying Position

How to Suck Your Own Dick: The Complete Guide to Self Suck

Self sucking can be a pleasurous activity, if you do it right. However, before you even consider learning to suck your own dick, you need evaluate your body properly. As you probably understand, it will require quite some bending and stamina, so, in case you have some health issues, better find someone who can do the job for you, or consult ...

Suck Your Dick Like a Pro: How to Slob on Your Own Knob Properly

Doing the 2-Step Suck Your Self. Thankfully, you have my experience to help. Here is an easy two-step stretching exercise to help you adapt better positions: Step 1: Take a seat on the floor with ...

4 Tricks to suck your own dick | How do I suck my own penis ...

How to self suck. self-sucking is an art that many would not be able to archive. However, it gives a great sense of fulfillment if you can put your penis in your mouth. How to suck your own dick. There are several tricks to suck your own dick quickly. But Here are the most effective tricks.